Alternatives for minimizing and managing waste

There are various organizations and citizens, who are concerned with minimizing and managing waste. These people are not only protecting residents of every community. But, they are also protecting the environment.

We are all aware that the rate of waste generated every day increases. This will continue to rise, if we are going to allow the generation of too much waste. If we can give some care for our community and our country, then we are not going to let this problem happen.

You must be aware that there are already too many problems that our country is facing. So, let’s not leave the issue regarding waste management to the government alone. Together, we can resolve this issue by starting at home. For example, using a skip bin hire service. Since the price of hiring a bin is proportional to its size. It might be worth researching what size you actually need. An article from a skip bins in Perth website has a bit of information with regards to dimensions etc.

Waste disposal problems will never be a big issue if we will start solving it now. It might also take some time to decrease the rate of wastes. But, with continuous concerns on minimizing it, we can meet a positive result.

What we need to do now is to encourage everybody to join organizations in the community for waste management awareness programs. Through this, we can understand how to manage wastes. We can even find solutions and alternatives to the problem.

Here’s an introduction video about waste:

What alternatives must we do?

We have our own ways and alternatives to solve the waste disposal issues in the community. Whatever alternative will be considered as long as we are aiming at the same goal. Every concerned citizen will surely make a way just to help in reducing waste. But, we must keep in mind that what we need is to come up with an environmentally friendly approach.

  • Reducing Waste

Do you know that we are wasting too much stuffs at home, in school and at work? Most of the time, you buy too much stuff and after that we leave too much waste, too. Why don’t we just buy items that are enough for our daily use?

If you go shopping, you will get a plastic or paper bag for every item that you buy. Can you bring a shopping bag for your items? You may do the same thing when you go to the supermarket. Instead of using paper bags for your goods. You may bring a basket or bag made of cloth for your groceries.

  • Reusing Waste

Instead of always buying new stuffs, why don’t you use the old ones? If it is broken, then fix it. If it looks too old, then why don’t you refurnish it? Pretty sure that you can still do something to make it look like a new stuff.

Just try to look at the stuffs around you. If you think it is still usable, then use it. Do not always think about throwing the stuffs right away because that will add much to the landfills.

  • Recycling Waste

In school and at work, we use too much paper. With just a simple mistake and we crumple the paper. Why don’t you use the back part of the paper? You may even cut them into quarter and use as a notepad. You may also try doing this at home.

Saving marine animals from wastes

Any type of water, where marine animals are living needs protection. Can you imagine how happy marine animals are if the water is clean and they can move freely in the water? These living things must be very happy and would never leave. That’s how the marine animals are supposed to be living.

But, look at the water today. The rivers, lakes, oceans and swamps. They are starting to get dirty. The marine animals will never like such dirt in the water. If human beings need fresh air, these marine animals need fresh and clean water. Only human beings can give what these marine animals need.

If human beings will continue making the water dirty, then what about the marine animals? They will all die soon if water is contaminated with dirty objects. We must not let the situation like that. We should not let the marine animals suffer and die.

Waste management
How to save marine animals

Marine animals are important living things on Earth. They are also like human beings and needs respect. So, if we respect marine animals, then we must stop doing things to make the water dirty. We have here some ideas that will help you about saving the water from wastes.

  • Volunteer in cleaning the water and its surroundings

It could have been better if you are going to volunteer and join organizations, who are protecting and saving marine animals. There might be a schedule, where they are going to clean the water around your area. This is a good chance for you as a volunteer to help in cleaning the water. Save the marine animals by removing those wastes in the water. This would be a relief to the marine animals. If only they can speak, they will surely thank you for your effort.

  • Stop those who are disrespecting marine animals

Whenever you see people, who are throwing wastes in the water, you must stop them. Let them know that what they are doing is not good. Tell that if they will continue throwing wastes in the water, the marine animals will die.

  • Report waste disposal in the water incidents

If you caught anybody, who is disposing waste in the water, then do not hesitate to report them to the authority, especially to the organizations, who is protecting the marine animals. People disposing their wastes in the water must be given a lesson. If they need to pay a fine for such action, then you must coordinate with the authority concerned.

Protecting the water from wastes

How much do you care for the environment? Do you see someone, who is dumping waste in the water? When you saw them doing such horrible thing, what did you do or say? Do you stop by to stop them from what they are doing? Most of the time, we do not stop them, right? Is it because you fear them because they are being too proud of what they are doing? Or is it because you just do not care if they throw their waste in the water?
Do you know that if we will let others to continue throwing wastes in the water, then fishes might die? Do you want that to happen? Do you know that having a dirty water is really unpleasant and disappointing? We must do something to protect the environment and the fishes in the water. We must not let those undisciplined human beings destroy the habitat of the marine animals. If we really care, then we must at least do something about such wrong actions.
Fishes needs clean water to survive. What about those eggs under the water? They will just die and the fishes can’t eat because of the waste contaminating their food. As a concerned citizen, we have to protect them and keep them safe.

Protect the water from waste

What shall we do?

The human beings are the protector of the fishes in the water. So, we must not do anything to destroy their habitat. So, what shall we do to help in maintaining the cleanliness of the water? We have here a few suggestions for you to do.

Penalty for dumping waste in the water
If you can catch people throwing waste in the water, then report them. They must be given a penalty for such wrong doing. They can’t tell you that they are not aware about not throwing their waste in the water. They can’t also tell you that there are no garbage cans available. A penalty must be done by cleaning the water or removing waste that other people dumped.

Waste management Awareness
If people have too much waste and do not have a proper place to dump them, then ask the authority to provide garbage cans. You must also be responsible in reducing your waste by learning to recycle them. To have an idea about how you are going to recycle your wastes, then you may request from the organizations in your area to give you lectures on recycling and other ways on how you can reduce your waste.

How to keep the water junk-free

Are you living in a place surrounded by water? If you are, then is the water clean and safe for marine animals to live? Nobody, but human beings are the ones, who must take care of this habitat. So, we must make sure that the water is junk-free.
There are human beings, who throw piles and sacks of waste on the rivers, swamps, oceans and lakes. This is a bad practice and a bad example that other citizens must not copy. Whoever is doing such must be fined, so that they will stop such habit. If we are going to allow those people to continue their wrong doings, then marine life will suffer. We must start moving now before killing marine animals and destroying their habitat.

Junk-free water

Ways to keep the water free from waste
As a concerned individual, we must make a way to save marine animals. Can you manage to look at the water with floating wastes? Pretty sure that you don’t even want to look at it. How do you feel about the marine animals? How long can they survive in such environment? I pity them because these living things are defenseless and they can’t do anything to stop people from throwing their waste in the water. These individuals must learn to dispose waste properly. So, we have here a few ways that we must do to protect marine animals.

  • Collecting fines

If you do not want to pay garbage collectors, then you must pay fines for improper waste disposal when you are caught. Marine animals do not eat wastes because they have food under that water. If you are going to pollute their habitat, then they will die or they will leave. That is not the proper way of treating these living things.

  • Give Penalties and Punishments

When you are caught in the act, you can’t run from it. You must be punished. You have to do a community service that includes cleaning the water or collecting waste in the community. If you will not comply with this punishment, then you must go to jail. It could have been better if the authority can implement this to reduce waste in the water.

Some people were born to be hard-headed. But, that is not an excuse for littering in the water. They must be aware about the consequences of their actions. What they are doing is a form of abuse of the environment and disrespect to the marine life. Whether there are no fines or punishments. Still, you have no right to use the water as your dumpsite.

Keeping the water safe for marine animals

Do you stay in places with rivers, lakes, swamps and seas? If you do, then how is the water? It could have been better if those bodies of water are still clean and clear so that it will be safe for marine animals to live. And then, also safe for human beings to swim, catch fish and sail.

I can’t imagine what will happen if the water resources and habitat are unsafe and destroyed. I’m pretty sure that no human being would allow such terrible situations. So, before these problems fill the water we have to start acting. We do not need words for such serious matters. All we need is action and solution done as early as possible.

Do you know why such problems might come? It is actually due to human beings wrong doings. There are those who do not care about dumping their waste in the water. Some factories also dispose toxic chemicals and there are landfills contaminating the water. These are all very serious matters. The authority is doing actions to eliminate the problem and that is highly appreciated, but, we must also do our part.

Tips to keep the water safe

As a concerned citizen, we have to start doing things in favor of marine life and one’s health. If today, you find these problems too small to mess with, then consider what happens if those small problems were not solved. We don’t want to watch marine animals slowly die, right? So, we have here some tips for you to start doing.


Stop people from dumping wastes in the water

This is the very basic thing that we must do. When we caught someone who aims at dumping their waste in the water, then tell them to stop. It could have been better if you could warn them about the dangers of their actions. If they are not aware about any city ordinance regarding waste disposal, then you may inform them.


Form a group of volunteers to clean the water and its surroundings

If the water already has wastes, then gather your family, friends and neighbors. And then, ask for volunteers, who will accompany you in cleaning the area. It could have been better if most of them can participate. That will make the task easier because cleaning such area takes time.


Availability of garbage cans

There must be garbage cans available in the area. Many people spend some time near the water for a picnic, catch fish or do water sports. So, chances are they might leave wastes near the water and that is not good. If they, can see the garbage bags or cans, then that will remind them to keep the area clean.


Information dissemination

There might be someone there, who are not aware about the risks of having dirty water. Let them know what will happen to the fishes in the water if their habitat will be destroyed and polluted. If you can do this, then a concerned person like you can save marine life in a simple way.