All about our Blog

The Old Town Cat House or OTCH blog is a website blog concerning waste management and proper disposal. We, at the OTCH have goals in keeping the environment clean and safe to live, especially for the marine animals and wildlife. But, of course, this goal won’t be possible without our dedicated members of the editorial board and support team.

We are all aware that there are various policies and laws imposed by various organizations and authority regarding waste management and disposal. But, we believe that as concerned citizens, we have to contribute in imparting ways on how to keep the environment clean and free from waste. Through the OTCH blog, we can be a tool for every individual, who also aims at the same goal.

Our team members are composed of professionals, homeowners and group leaders, who is voluntarily practicing various ways of keeping the marine and wildlife animals safe. We would like to encourage everyone to join us and help in disseminating materials, like this blog site, to reach out people, who are unaware about various waste disposal issues and concerns.

Caring for the environment is everybody’s concern. So, we would be very glad if you can be one of our participating teams. Let us all take part in saving lives and habitat because we have a common goal to push through.