How to keep the water junk-free

Are you living in a place surrounded by water? If you are, then is the water clean and safe for marine animals to live? Nobody, but human beings are the ones, who must take care of this habitat. So, we must make sure that the water is junk-free.
There are human beings, who throw piles and sacks of waste on the rivers, swamps, oceans and lakes. This is a bad practice and a bad example that other citizens must not copy. Whoever is doing such must be fined, so that they will stop such habit. If we are going to allow those people to continue their wrong doings, then marine life will suffer. We must start moving now before killing marine animals and destroying their habitat.

Junk-free water

Ways to keep the water free from waste
As a concerned individual, we must make a way to save marine animals. Can you manage to look at the water with floating wastes? Pretty sure that you don’t even want to look at it. How do you feel about the marine animals? How long can they survive in such environment? I pity them because these living things are defenseless and they can’t do anything to stop people from throwing their waste in the water. These individuals must learn to dispose waste properly. So, we have here a few ways that we must do to protect marine animals.

  • Collecting fines

If you do not want to pay garbage collectors, then you must pay fines for improper waste disposal when you are caught. Marine animals do not eat wastes because they have food under that water. If you are going to pollute their habitat, then they will die or they will leave. That is not the proper way of treating these living things.

  • Give Penalties and Punishments

When you are caught in the act, you can’t run from it. You must be punished. You have to do a community service that includes cleaning the water or collecting waste in the community. If you will not comply with this punishment, then you must go to jail. It could have been better if the authority can implement this to reduce waste in the water.

Some people were born to be hard-headed. But, that is not an excuse for littering in the water. They must be aware about the consequences of their actions. What they are doing is a form of abuse of the environment and disrespect to the marine life. Whether there are no fines or punishments. Still, you have no right to use the water as your dumpsite.

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