Keeping the water safe for marine animals

Do you stay in places with rivers, lakes, swamps and seas? If you do, then how is the water? It could have been better if those bodies of water are still clean and clear so that it will be safe for marine animals to live. And then, also safe for human beings to swim, catch fish and sail.

I can’t imagine what will happen if the water resources and habitat are unsafe and destroyed. I’m pretty sure that no human being would allow such terrible situations. So, before these problems fill the water we have to start acting. We do not need words for such serious matters. All we need is action and solution done as early as possible.

Do you know why such problems might come? It is actually due to human beings wrong doings. There are those who do not care about dumping their waste in the water. Some factories also dispose toxic chemicals and there are landfills contaminating the water. These are all very serious matters. The authority is doing actions to eliminate the problem and that is highly appreciated, but, we must also do our part.

Tips to keep the water safe

As a concerned citizen, we have to start doing things in favor of marine life and one’s health. If today, you find these problems too small to mess with, then consider what happens if those small problems were not solved. We don’t want to watch marine animals slowly die, right? So, we have here some tips for you to start doing.


Stop people from dumping wastes in the water

This is the very basic thing that we must do. When we caught someone who aims at dumping their waste in the water, then tell them to stop. It could have been better if you could warn them about the dangers of their actions. If they are not aware about any city ordinance regarding waste disposal, then you may inform them.


Form a group of volunteers to clean the water and its surroundings

If the water already has wastes, then gather your family, friends and neighbors. And then, ask for volunteers, who will accompany you in cleaning the area. It could have been better if most of them can participate. That will make the task easier because cleaning such area takes time.


Availability of garbage cans

There must be garbage cans available in the area. Many people spend some time near the water for a picnic, catch fish or do water sports. So, chances are they might leave wastes near the water and that is not good. If they, can see the garbage bags or cans, then that will remind them to keep the area clean.


Information dissemination

There might be someone there, who are not aware about the risks of having dirty water. Let them know what will happen to the fishes in the water if their habitat will be destroyed and polluted. If you can do this, then a concerned person like you can save marine life in a simple way.

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