Protecting the water from wastes

How much do you care for the environment? Do you see someone, who is dumping waste in the water? When you saw them doing such horrible thing, what did you do or say? Do you stop by to stop them from what they are doing? Most of the time, we do not stop them, right? Is it because you fear them because they are being too proud of what they are doing? Or is it because you just do not care if they throw their waste in the water?
Do you know that if we will let others to continue throwing wastes in the water, then fishes might die? Do you want that to happen? Do you know that having a dirty water is really unpleasant and disappointing? We must do something to protect the environment and the fishes in the water. We must not let those undisciplined human beings destroy the habitat of the marine animals. If we really care, then we must at least do something about such wrong actions.
Fishes needs clean water to survive. What about those eggs under the water? They will just die and the fishes can’t eat because of the waste contaminating their food. As a concerned citizen, we have to protect them and keep them safe.

Protect the water from waste

What shall we do?

The human beings are the protector of the fishes in the water. So, we must not do anything to destroy their habitat. So, what shall we do to help in maintaining the cleanliness of the water? We have here a few suggestions for you to do.

Penalty for dumping waste in the water
If you can catch people throwing waste in the water, then report them. They must be given a penalty for such wrong doing. They can’t tell you that they are not aware about not throwing their waste in the water. They can’t also tell you that there are no garbage cans available. A penalty must be done by cleaning the water or removing waste that other people dumped.

Waste management Awareness
If people have too much waste and do not have a proper place to dump them, then ask the authority to provide garbage cans. You must also be responsible in reducing your waste by learning to recycle them. To have an idea about how you are going to recycle your wastes, then you may request from the organizations in your area to give you lectures on recycling and other ways on how you can reduce your waste.

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