Saving marine animals from wastes

Any type of water, where marine animals are living needs protection. Can you imagine how happy marine animals are if the water is clean and they can move freely in the water? These living things must be very happy and would never leave. That’s how the marine animals are supposed to be living.

But, look at the water today. The rivers, lakes, oceans and swamps. They are starting to get dirty. The marine animals will never like such dirt in the water. If human beings need fresh air, these marine animals need fresh and clean water. Only human beings can give what these marine animals need.

If human beings will continue making the water dirty, then what about the marine animals? They will all die soon if water is contaminated with dirty objects. We must not let the situation like that. We should not let the marine animals suffer and die.

Waste management
How to save marine animals

Marine animals are important living things on Earth. They are also like human beings and needs respect. So, if we respect marine animals, then we must stop doing things to make the water dirty. We have here some ideas that will help you about saving the water from wastes.

  • Volunteer in cleaning the water and its surroundings

It could have been better if you are going to volunteer and join organizations, who are protecting and saving marine animals. There might be a schedule, where they are going to clean the water around your area. This is a good chance for you as a volunteer to help in cleaning the water. Save the marine animals by removing those wastes in the water. This would be a relief to the marine animals. If only they can speak, they will surely thank you for your effort.

  • Stop those who are disrespecting marine animals

Whenever you see people, who are throwing wastes in the water, you must stop them. Let them know that what they are doing is not good. Tell that if they will continue throwing wastes in the water, the marine animals will die.

  • Report waste disposal in the water incidents

If you caught anybody, who is disposing waste in the water, then do not hesitate to report them to the authority, especially to the organizations, who is protecting the marine animals. People disposing their wastes in the water must be given a lesson. If they need to pay a fine for such action, then you must coordinate with the authority concerned.

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