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The Old Town Cat House or OTCH is a website blog that intends to encourage everybody, young and old folks, to send us your experiences, insights, opinions and suggestions regarding waste management programs in your area. If you have means of improving the community’s cleaning program, especially on water and wildlife areas, then we encourage you to speak up. We, the OTCH family will have your full support. Our team does not only publish information regarding waste management and proper waste disposal. But, we are also active in participating various community programs that benefit marine and wildlife habitats.

If you have organizations, who are having schedules for such activities, then you may post us to publish your activity. In such way, we can help you invite more participants.

If you have blogs to contribute to the OTCH, then send us an original write up. We are sorry, but we do not tolerate copied writings in the blog. It could have been better if all contributors would take the blog site seriously and honestly. Anyway, we are all pleased to hear from our valued readers.

So, for your queries and other concerns, do not hesitate to e-mail us at Thank you and OTCH is at your service.