The OTCH Rights

Various problems may arise due to improper waste disposal. This is a big issue that the OTCH team wants to eliminate. That is why we have come up with a blog site, where everybody can be aware about what will happen if we will ignore waste disposal issues around the rivers, lakes, swamps and oceans.

The OTCH blog publishes articles that are originally written by various experts and professional writers. These articles are not subject to abuse and unlawful use. We do not allow you to copy and publish our articles without asking for permission. Whoever is caught with such act will be questioned and given time to explain himself. We accept apologies and promises because we do not like making troubles and issues with people.

If possible, we would like to maintain a good reputation for our readers. The articles are published for public awareness. So, we need to keep the trust that we have gained from our fellow concerned citizens.

We believe that we can do something to help and encourage young and old environmentalists in keeping a clean and safe environment. Therefore, we are protecting the rights to our blog posts just like how we would like to protect you.